Pellowah Healings
Pellowah is an angelic word meaning “radical shift in consciousness”.
It is a unique type of healing that can be done in person or by distance.
The treatment takes about 1 hour.

Some of the benefits of Pellowah include:
Connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation
Shifts your consciousness
You feel less stuck, things fall into place easier
You are less involved in everyone else’s stuff
Your thoughts are clearer
You experience a greater feeling of inner peace, inner strength and inner confidence Experience more balanced emotions

Your intuition increases
You feel more motivated
You therefore make better decisions
Resulting in an increased feeling of self empowerment
Life then flows along with more ease and grace
Pellowah leaves you with a feeling of well-being that lasts and in fact seems to get stronger as time goes by.

Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Attunements
Pellowah means “radical shift in consciousness” Pellowah aligns the meridians and brings about a greater feeling of inner strength, inner peace and inner confidence. Calms the emotions and clears the mind.

This form of energy work connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. It also unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection and well-being. Each strand of DNA stores a particular string of knowledge and as we evolve and learn to connect and activate these strands accessing our so far hidden knowledge, the way we do things and the way we see and interact in our world will change.

Pellowah is a Simple, Powerful and Effective way to increase the capacity for positive lasting change in your life. Activating your own spiritual light from the inside out.
Pellowah isn’t just for therapists who would like to learn a new modality or those who require some healing in some way. Most people who attend the Pellowah Courses do so for their own personal expansion.

Pellowah allows you to establish positive lasting change in your life.
Pellowah brings both personal and spiritual expansion.
Pellowah is easy to learn and simple to use, anyone can participate in the workshops.

Pellowah Level 1 Workshop – You receive the Attunement necessary for you to become a practitioner of this amazing form of energy work. Through this Attunement your own awareness will be greatly expanded, enabling you to make higher and better choices with more certainty. Pellowah leaves you with a feeling of inner strength and well-being that lasts and in fact gets stronger as time goes by.

As a practitioner of Pellowah you are then able to give treatments to clients, friends, family as well as your animal friends.

Certificate and Manual included.
1 day workshop

Pellowah Level 2 Workshop is a spiritual workshop for your personal growth and expansion.
The Key benefits of Pellowah include –
Pellowah aligns the meridians.
You experience a greater feeling of inner peace, inner strength and inner confidence.
You make decisions that take you to higher levels within your own life.
Your thoughts are clearer and less limited.
You become less involved in other people’s lives.
You experience a more objective outlook.
You experience a greater feeling of connection and well-being.
You gain insights required for your own life journey.

In the Level 2 Workshop you receive an Attunement that enables you to connect with the higher part of you. With this connection you can then bring that higher energy and consciousness into your everyday life. And begin to take the necessary steps to fulfil your goals with much more energy, enthusiasm and purpose.

You will work with the 7 Pellowah Symbols to
Open up the Auric Field (while still keeping it protected)
Neutralize Negative Energy
Bring together the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies.
Align the Chakras
Increase Personal Power
Activate The Personal Merkabah
Expand the Aura to allow in New and Increased Energy and Information for Change.

Certificate and manual included.
1 day workshop

Additional Pellowah Attunements for Pellowah Practitioners.
When you have completed your Level 1 or Level 1 and 2 Pellowah training, you can have additional Attunements. These help tremendously with continuing to increase the expansion and awareness gained in the Level 1 and 2 Training.  Additional Attunements take about 15 minutes followed by a meditation. Having regular Attunements further expands your awareness.  Some people have fortnightly or monthly Attunements.

To book a healing or to find out more please contact me.
0438 115 152

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