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Homeopathy can effect deep and permanent healing and this takes time, after all it has taken time for you to become out of balance. Sometimes the path back to health does not fit with your preconceptions of how that will look and feel for you.

Homeopathic remedies act as a key that unlocks your body’s ability to re-balance and heal itself. This will look and feel different for everyone.  The amount of time is unique for each person.

Homeopathy takes a holistic view of health so in order for your body to rebalance and heal you have to address the whole person. This means that the emotional and mental symptoms are every bit as important as the physical symptoms.  All areas need to be addressed to experience true lasting health.

Homeopathy consultations take between 60-90 minutes, much longer than other types of consultations. This is because we are interested in all aspects of who you are.  The more we understand you as an individual and how you have got to where you are today the better we will be able treat you.

The follow-up consultation is crucial as this gives your homeopath the opportunity to reassess your case and evaluate how your healing has progressed. Not all healing is obvious and sometimes it is not until questioned by your homeopath that you recognise that there has been improvements in certain areas and symptoms and a general feeling of well-being has been attained.

Your body needs time to respond to the action of remedies. This is why we allow 4 -6 weeks between consultations.  It is a crucial factor in your healing journey.

Homeopathy works gently and deeply to release the healing energy in your body. Every person will have an individual healing path that the body will direct.  As it has been said before this will take time, how much is again a very individual thing.  So be patient and don’t compare yourself to anyone else, it is like comparing oranges with apples.

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Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathy takes a holistic view of health. It recognises that symptoms are the body’s way of letting us know that things are out of balance and each person will express this a different way.  That is why homeopathy treats the individual not the disease.

Homeopathy is a safe, natural and effective and works by stimulating the body’s own innate healing ability.

Homeopathic remedies are free from toxic side effects and therefore they can be used safely by pregnant women, babies, children, nursing mothers, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. They can also be used for pets.

Homeopathy is also great if you are feeling stuck or at a cross-road in your life.

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What is Pellowah


Pellowah means a radical shift in consciousness. Pellowah is a simple, powerful and effective way to increase the capacity for positive change in your life.  Pellowah unblocks and re-aligns all meridians within the body, leaving you with a feeling of peace and well-being.  You experience new thoughts and a much more objective understanding and outlook on life.  As a result you will make higher and better choices with much more decisiveness and ease.  Pellowah healings can be done in person or distance.  Pellowah treatments take approximately 1 hour

Key Benefits of Pellowah

*Unblocks and re-aligns the meridians

*Brings clarity of mind, greater problem solving skills

*Allows you to make higher and better choices

*Clear communication

*More objective outlook on situations

*Greater decisiveness

*Increased self confidence

*Personal growth and expansion

*A new unlimited perspective of live

*Overall well-being and balance

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