What is Pellowah


Pellowah means a radical shift in consciousness. Pellowah is a simple, powerful and effective way to increase the capacity for positive change in your life.  Pellowah unblocks and re-aligns all meridians within the body, leaving you with a feeling of peace and well-being.  You experience new thoughts and a much more objective understanding and outlook on life.  As a result you will make higher and better choices with much more decisiveness and ease.  Pellowah healings can be done in person or distance.  Pellowah treatments take approximately 1 hour

Key Benefits of Pellowah

*Unblocks and re-aligns the meridians

*Brings clarity of mind, greater problem solving skills

*Allows you to make higher and better choices

*Clear communication

*More objective outlook on situations

*Greater decisiveness

*Increased self confidence

*Personal growth and expansion

*A new unlimited perspective of live

*Overall well-being and balance

For more information or to book a consultation, please contact me.

Email: michelleamor16@hotmail.com

Ph: 0438 115152