Michelle has been treating my youngest son for a little over a month now and I can certainly tell the difference in improvement of behaviours (suspected spectrum) and also his overall health. He is much more calm and responsive when he has an episode of frustration, his speech delay has shown improvement and his eating habits have gone back to normal.

I’m very grateful and appreciative of the work Michelle has done thus far and I will continue to use her services.  I highly recommend her services
AK – Tweed Heads


I have had a couple of Intuitive Guidance sessions with Michelle and have found them helpful with my moving forwards in areas I had reached a block in. Self-Awareness has been an important factor in my own journey and Michelle has been able to tune in and pinpoint what fears or patterns may be holding me back at the time. This brought them into my conscious awareness and afforded me insights so I could then take responsibility for and make more suitable choices.

Michelle was able to get straight to the point and quickly give me language around situations that I had been finding complicated or difficult to define and that then helped me make sense of the bigger picture.

I have found Michelle to have integrity and love that alongside her intuition she sits on a wealth of knowledge and experience she had been able to draw from.  After each consult I found myself in more flow as a block had been removed.

CJ – Brisbane


“Michelle has been treating my family since 2013. Under her care and treatment, my son with autism has made huge progress in his health, cognitive abilities, attention, receptive language, emotional regulation, and general overall well-being.  Michelle has also helped me immensely with my depression and fatigue”.

“Michelle is very a caring homeopath, always sensitive to our needs and circumstances. She always answers my emails promptly and ensures that I know help is at hand if I need it. In addition to her treatment, I find her emotional support invaluable in the journey to healing my son.”

SA – Hong Kong

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